Which is better, white toilet paper or yellow toilet paper?

toilet paper

In our daily life, toilet paper is an indispensable existence. After eating every day, we should wipe our mouths with toilet paper, wipe our butt with toilet paper after urination, and wipe our hands with toilet paper after washing our hands, etc., anyway. , It is difficult for us to leave toilet paper during the day. For many years, the toilet paper we use in our daily life is white, and the whiter the better. However, in recent years, yellow toilet paper has also entered our lives and is very popular. So, which one is better, white toilet paper or yellow toilet paper?

In fact, the color of paper has a very large relationship with the raw materials. Because the raw materials are different, the fiber colors in the paper are different, which ultimately results in the color difference of the finished paper.

Regardless of whether it is white toilet paper or yellow toilet paper, there is no essential difference in their production process. They are all made of wood pulp or bamboo pulp through a series of work techniques such as washing, screening, and cooking. White toilet paper is generally made of wood pulp. Compared with yellow toilet paper, it adds a step in the production process, that is, bleaching with a bleaching agent, which makes the wood pulp lose its original color and become very white.

The raw materials of yellow toilet paper include wood pulp and bamboo pulp. The biggest difference between it and white toilet paper is that it does not use a bleaching agent for bleaching, but retains the natural color of wood pulp or bamboo pulp, which is relatively more environmentally friendly. This is also the selling point of the merchants and the reason why many people choose yellow toilet paper, so the price is more expensive.

But in fact, toilet paper is an industrial product produced through a complex process. There are also a large number of additions in the processing process, which cannot be purely natural. Therefore, the white toilet paper of yellow toilet paper has no distinction between high and low, as long as it meets the national standards, it can be used with confidence, rather than simply judge by color.

So how do you choose toilet paper that is clean, comfortable, and environmentally safe?

Feeling is the most direct and easiest way. Good toilet paper feels very good and feels more comfortable, while poor quality toilet paper is generally rough and even has some obvious unplanned lines.

We can also illuminate with a flashlight. Point the flashlight directly at the toilet paper, and under the strong light, you can see the true state of the toilet paper. Good quality toilet paper has fewer impurities and has many uniform small holes; while poor quality paper has many impurities and has many porous materials on the surface.

Blisters can also test the quality of toilet paper. Put the toilet paper in the water, soak it thoroughly, and stir with chopsticks. If it is not easy to shred, it means that the quality of toilet paper is better; on the contrary, if it shatters when water is added, the quality is worse.

Smelling the toilet paper can also judge its quality. Smell the toilet paper with your nose. Good toilet paper generally has no peculiar smell, while inferior toilet paper generally has a pungent odor, which can even make people feel vomiting. Therefore, it is best not to buy toilet paper with a heavy odor. It contains more additives and may exceed the relevant national standards.

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