How to use paper towels correctly

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Toilet paper is a must-have item for every family. Some people also use it as a universal substitute. In addition to using it in the toilet, they also use it to wipe tables, wipe shoes, use napkins for children, wipe noses, etc. It feels very convenient , And it’s also awesome. In the end, these practices are not suitable, how to use toilet paper correctly?

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If you have a baby at home, if you use it to wipe your mouth or hands, it is best not to use toilet paper. It is more appropriate to use paper towels or wet wipes, and it is best to buy baby-only ones that are clean and hygienic.

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When we have a cold, we often use toilet paper to wipe our nose, because toilet paper has to touch the nose and mouth, so try to choose good quality, preferably natural-color toilet paper, without artificial materials.


Some people put a roll of toilet paper on the table when eating. It is convenient to use. The whole family tears it up and uses it. Don’t you know that toilet paper contains bacteria and is not suitable for use on the table. It is best to choose napkins when eating. It is clean and hygienic.

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Some people like to use toilet paper to wipe the dishes. They feel that the toilet paper absorbs oil and can also make the bowl dry faster. In fact, this is not hygienic. It is a good practice to use a special dishcloth and detergent to clean the bowl. , Rinse repeatedly several times, and then place in a drain basket to drain. If you feel this is inconvenient, you can choose kitchen paper.

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