What is the best toilet paper in life?

toilet paper

The quality of toilet paper used in our lives is good or bad. It is made of different materials. Some toilet paper processing plants use toilet paper rewinding equipment to process the toilet paper we need.

The first type is virgin paper. This paper uses the first pulp without any external printing pollution, so it is the best;

The second category is recycled paper, that is, recycled paper. This paper uses recycled paper to filter and regenerate pulp through several processes;

The third type is pure wood pulp paper, which is a vague concept. Pure wood pulp paper can be pure pulp paper or recycled paper. To confuse this concept, some manufacturers deliberately describe recycled paper as pure wood pulp paper. Paper towels made of recycled paper are not white enough, and more optical brighteners are often used for whitening, and because recycled paper fibers are uneven, talc is also used.

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