What are the classifications of paper towels?

Soft pack facial tissue

After washing your hands, draw a tissue; after washing your face, draw a tissue; after eating, draw a tissue… Every day in life, there are too many places to use tissues, which are the closest to the skin. It is also the one that touches. However, you may not be familiar with when and what kind of tissue to use.

the classifications of paper towels

  1. Paper for general cleaning.
  2. Face cleaning with a handkerchief
  3. Kitchen paper towels
  4. Paper towels for the toilet

Paper for general cleaning.

At home, in the office, in the car… as long as you will stay for more than half an hour, there are usually papers. Wipe hands, feet, things, and sometimes use paper to pack garbage. This kind of paper towel is easy to extract, and the thickness is generally 2-4 layers, which can quickly absorb water, but it is also easy to break and chip.

The box is pumped, and the cardboard box is packaged. Usually, the tissue box can be directly omitted and placed in the car, office, etc.

Soft draw, plastic paper packaging, not as beautiful as hard draw, but the unit price is lower, you can put it at home, private desk and other places.

Face cleaning with handkerchief

Friends who never use towels, what do you use to dry your face after washing? Of course it is a tissue. However, the paper towel used for wiping the face is more demanding than hand-wiping. First, it should not be too easy to break, and secondly, it should not be fluffed. Otherwise, the hair will be uncomfortable when it gets on the face, and it will also affect the appearance.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose handkerchief paper, which is a small pack of paper towels commonly used. Handkerchief paper is thicker and tougher than pumping paper, and it is not easy to break when wet.

Cleansing paper for face washing

For field trips, if it is inconvenient to use towels and do not have facial cleanser and other supplies, it is best to choose facial cleansing paper, which can temporarily serve as facial cleanser and facial cleanser. After the face is wet, wipe it with cleansing paper, the cleansing ingredients contained in the paper will permeate out to achieve a cleansing effect.

However, the cleansing paper is limited to emergency use under conditions. Normally, the face should be rinsed with water, otherwise it will easily cause dust to block the pores.

Makeup paper

Before applying makeup, women need to clean their face and apply toner. At this time, the most commonly used is cosmetic paper (also called cotton pad), which is similar to wet tissues and uses non-woven materials, but it is dry. Sometimes it can be used in addition to make-up, but also can be used to make up after make-up, or to wipe makeup.

Kitchen paper towels
Food blotting paper is similar to facial blotting paper, but it has a larger area and stronger oil absorption capacity. For oily foods such as deep-frying, you can put a piece of oil-absorbing paper on the bottom of the pan when starting the pan, or use the oil-absorbing paper to remove the excess oil on the food after the pan. Of course, when steaming food, you can also put a sheet on it to wash off excess water and oil.

Kitchen paper for tableware cleaning
It uses high-quality virgin wood pulp, which can quickly and cleanly remove oil stains on dishes, gas stoves, range hoods, etc.

Paper towels for toilet

Before the appearance of paper towels, the cleaning materials used in toilets were water, cloth, corn cobs, leaves, and bamboo chips. Toilet paper is considered a great invention, because it not only cleans dirt better, but also softens the skin without causing pain.

Most of the toilet paper used in the bathroom is a roll type, which is convenient for removing paper towels of different lengths as needed. In addition, this type of paper towel is generally more water-soluble, otherwise it will easily cause blockage when thrown into the toilet after use.

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