How to choose paper towels correctly

jumbo roll toilet paper

Toilet paper is one of the indispensable supplies in daily life. “how to choose paper towels correctly” become one of the compulsory courses for modern people.

Look at the packaging: whether the sanitary license number, factory address, production date, shelf life, contact phone number, grade standards, etc. are marked.

Look at the color: pure wood pulp is yellowish ivory white, natural white, because the fiber is complete, so the texture is more uniform; therefore, do not choose products that are too white and gray when buying.

Look at the endurance strength: pure wood pulp paper is not easy to tear, because the fiber is long and tough; while the inferior paper has short fibers and breaks with a little effort. There are more small holes, and it is easy to drop powder.

Look at the results of the fire: high-quality toilet paper is white and gray after burning, while inferior paper is black and gray after burning.

Look at the touch: high-quality toilet paper feels fine and soft to the touch and does not fall off easily. Inferior paper towels have a grainy feel, are looser, and tend to drop powder. Rubbing on the skin may even cause pain.

Look at the water absorption: Generally, the better the water absorption of paper, the higher the quality, and the higher the proportion of pure pulp used in such toilet paper.

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