How to identify poor quality toilet paper

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In the first step, we can test the toughness of toilet paper. For example, we open a piece of toilet paper and then pull it with a little force. If the toilet paper only has wrinkles but does not break, it means that the toilet paper has good flexibility and can be used with confidence. Inferior paper towels are easy to stretch and break.

The second step, depending on the hand feel, the toilet paper produced by regular manufacturers has a high content of wood pulp, so when we touch the toilet paper normally, the hand feel is delicate and soft, and it will not easily shed hair, no paper dust, and the paper quality of inferior toilet paper It is harder and has a lot of confetti, which is easy to distinguish.

In the third step, burning and dip dyeing methods can be used for testing. After we burn toilet paper, normal high-quality toilet paper will appear gray, while toilet paper with a large amount of fluorescent agent will appear black or white.

At the same time, we can soak the toilet paper in water. Good paper has high density and good flexibility, so it will not be deformed or broken in water, while inferior toilet paper will break when touched with water.

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