What are the raw materials of toilet paper

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Generally, there are many raw materials for toilet paper, and the commonly used raw materials are cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp and other natural non-polluting materials.

Toilet paper raw materials also can be waste paper, wheat straw, reeds, sugarcane, wood, etc., which means that plants containing fiber can be used to make paper. The cost of toilet paper processed with different raw materials is different. Considering these aspects, it is necessary to choose raw materials with sufficient fiber That’s good.

However, these raw materials can not be processed into toilet paper in one step, but must be processed in many steps, such as using waste paper as a raw material, breaking, deinking, bleaching, and then mixing with talcum powder and whitening. Then enter the papermaking equipment, press, dry, and roll it into a large shaft paper, and then process it into the toilet paper we use daily through the paper forming equipment.

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