Six Principles of Chinese Business

Integrity management
Under the influence of Confucian culture, China has always been a representative of "integrity is the most precious". When conducting business, we firmly believe in treating customers with sincerity. Look at China's time-honored brands and old brands. Decho paper even incorporated integrity management into its brand management and maintained its operations for more than ten years.
Food is the paramount necessity of the people.

It may be that the Chinese people have not had enough to eat in the past, so they have always had a soft spot for food, so restaurants, hotels, specialty snacks can be seen everywhere in China, whether it is street snacks for a few dollars or high-end hotels. For dinner, you can find a consumer group, so it is absolutely feasible to do the catering industry in China.
Resource Integration

Funds, talents, technology, and wisdom are all resources. If there is only one resource, it is difficult to maximize economic benefits. Only when all resources are integrated can the greatest benefits be achieved.

Open source and reduce expenditure
When a company gets bigger and bigger, it is easy to overlook the details. In the end, the details become the moth of the company, dragging down the entire company. Increasing income and reducing expenditure cannot be simply regarded as a company's saving of operating costs, but should be seen as a company's virtuous cycle, avoiding waste of investment, and investing the saved funds in the development of the company, which can be both self-examination and growth.

Time is money

Time is money and efficiency is life. It is the beginning of the Chinese market from a seller to a buyer's market, and the beginning of a market economy with Chinese characteristics. Not only the Jews, but the Chinese people’s emphasis on time has also been raised to the text of the guidelines. A store opening must pay attention to time and time efficiency when purchasing goods. Express logistics pay attention to time efficiency, grasp the value of time, and value the value of time for Chinese businessmen. One of the guidelines.

Do business regardless of region

Time-honored shops have started national chain operations, and Chinese business has developed abroad
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