What does FSC certification mean?

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FSC forest certification is also known as sustainable forest management certification, which is a tool that uses market mechanisms to promote sustainable forest management. Referred to as forest certification and wood certification. The reason for certification by an independent third party is to ensure the fairness and transparency of forest certification.

Forest certification is mainly reflected in three aspects: environmental benefits, social benefits and economic benefits.

In the environmental benefits, it protects endangered species and their living environment, biodiversity and its value, water resources, soil, unique and fragile ecosystems and natural landscapes, etc., while maintaining the ecological function of the forest and the integrity of the ecosystem To promote sustainable forest management.

Social interests are embodied in ensuring that the rights of all parties concerned are respected and realized.

The most significant economic effect brought by forest certification is to increase forest productivity, ensure long-term supply of wood, stabilize forest management rights, strengthen basic management and environmental management of enterprises, maintain or increase market share, and produce differentiated products and products Premium, improve relations with various stakeholders, strengthen contact with managers, obtain priority in forest management, improve staff morale and ability, attract talents, improve the competitiveness and reputation of enterprise products in the international market, and obtain more Financial and technical support.

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