Paper Toilet Seat Cover

1.The material is 100% natural original wood pulp.

2.Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly, can dissolvable in water and avoid the drain plug.

3.The disposable use, avoid direct contact with toilet seat, effectively isolate the virus and stain.

4.Travel pack design and portable.

Additional information

Product Details:

Clean and safe

Paper toilet seat covers can effectively prevent cross-infection of various skin diseases and cross-contamination and are helpful to avoid the psychological discomfort resulting from direct contact with a toilet seat.

Eco-friendly and 100% flushable.

Apply biodegradable material. Water-soluble. After using, the paper toilet seat cover can be flushed away by water.

Small pack design

Small enough to fit inside any handbags or backpacks, convenient for traveling, camping or anywhere away from home.


Industrial quality, one-layer, smooth 14/16gsm paper.

Seat cover size

360*425mm/ 365*430mm

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