Hot Sale Paper Toilet Seat Cover

· The disposable toilet seat paper cover is using as good protection for skin and avoid bacteria.
· The disposable toilet seat paper covers are widely used in hospitals, theaters, gym, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels,
expressway rest areas, convention halls, government offices, schools, airliners, commuter ferries, trains, bidet and every other public place.

Additional information

Product Details:

Disposable toilet seat cover papers
1ply 16gsm virgin wood pulp
Place of Origin
Dongguan, China
Brand Name
Disposable, Flushable, Water-soluble, Sanitary, Pocket-size
Travelling personal use, promotion gift, hotel, airport, hospital, train, public toilet.
Paper Unfolded Size
35.5*43 cm
Paper Weight
16 gsm
10 papers in one pack bag
Pack Bag Size
11.5*8*1 cm
Pack Bag Weight
27 g/bag
Can be customized design
10000 Bags
Delivery Time
15 – 25 days for OEM order

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