In the off-season of the paper industry, waste paper prices have risen steadily

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At present, the paper industry as a whole is in the off-season. The market demand for cultural paper and packaging paper is sluggish, and prices continue to fall; pulp stocks are stable and demand is insufficient, and prices are easy to fall but difficult to rise; while supply and demand in the waste paper market are stable, with prices rising steadily.

Since May this year, the price of waste paper has continued to rise. According to data, waste paper has risen by 9.98% in the past 70 days. As of June 15th, the supply and demand in the national waste market was stable. The average purchase price of mainstream A-grade yellow board paper and waste book page paper was about 2380/ton, 2300/ton, and supply and demand in some areas were slightly tight, and the price was slightly increased by 30~ 100/ton.

The rise in waste paper prices is mainly affected by these factors:

First, large-scale paper companies in various places took the lead in raising prices slightly, so that small and medium-sized paper companies also increased prices;

The second is the shortage of raw materials in some areas. The rainy season in South China and other regions makes it difficult to store waste paper. The overall waste paper recycling volume is insufficient. Supply and demand in some areas are tight. The volume of waste paper arrivals in many paper mills has fallen, and the price has to be increased. Cargo volume

Third, due to the fact that some paper companies in the northern region are affected by atmospheric environmental protection, market supply is tight, and prices are also increasing.

Judging from the current market situation, the overall demand for finished paper is sluggish, it is difficult for paper mills to raise prices, and the amount of national waste recycling is gradually improving. It is expected that the price of waste paper may not have enough momentum to increase in the future.

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