Napkin Tisssue

These popular napkins soft, strong and beautifully embossed, it provides reliable performance at an economical price. An affordable choice for a variety of high-traffic food service areas. Including Dinner Napkin, Lunch Napkin, Tall fold Napkin, Junior Dispenser Napkin, Beverage Napkin etc.

Features & Benefits:

Super-absorbent, clean and hygienic.

Easy of use & sanitary.

Environment friendly.

Additional information

Product Details:

Product Napkin Tissue
Material Virgin Wood Pulp, Mixed Pulp, Recycled Pulp
Application Home,Office,Travel,Public,Hotel etc.
Tissue Color White or OEM Color Printing
Layer 3 ply on your need
Tissue grade A,B,C
Tissue Size Custom
Embossing  Custom
Feature Ultra Soft, Special Texture
Density 14-25Gsm
Certification ISO, SGS,BV,BSCI
Package Customized With Your Own Design And Logo

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